Plan #2-07


  • 133,5 sq m/1437 sq ft
  • 11,2×12,6 m/36’9″×41’4″
  • 3 Beds
  • 1.5 Baths
  • 1 Garages



Main Floor

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Floor Area: 72.4sqm/779sqft

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mft' in"mft' in"mft' in"
11.236' 9"12.641' 4"7.725' 3"
Room Names:Width:Depth:
mft' in"mft' in"
Balcony2.27' 3"1.65' 3"
Balcony#24.314' 1"3.210' 6"
Bathroom3.210' 6"2.58' 2"
Bedroom #24.314' 1"3.611' 10"
Bedroom #33.812' 6"3.812' 6"
Covered Patio7.323' 11"1.65' 3"
Entry1.85' 11"1.13' 7"
Foyer2.47' 10"1.75' 7"
Garaje3.511' 6"6.019' 8"
Hall2.37' 7"2.06' 7"
Hall 2fl3.210' 6"2.58' 2"
Kitchen3.110' 2"3.611' 10"
Living Room4.314' 1"4.615' 1"
Master Bedroom5.317' 5"3.511' 6"
Technical room2.37' 7"1.03' 3"
W|C1.65' 3"1.03' 3"
Ground Floor:Main Floor:Upper floor:
mft' in"mft' in"mft' in"
0.00' 0"3.09' 10"2.89' 2"
Primary Tilt Angle:Secondary Tilt Angle:


Modern double storey house

Architectural and design solution that combines the plan of a modern double storey house with a garage is compactness and at the same time comfort. Cottage in modern style includes an aesthetic house plan, as well as exterior with the use of various finishing materials. Such as tiles, decorative plaster and others. For example, tile under wood, both tile and natural wood can be used. However, if you want this element of the facade was always like new – it is worth using tiles under the tree. Although some people feel more comfortable with aged wood. The base of the house can be made of any clinker tiles or other finishing material with a high water-repellent effect. The roofing material is up to the client’s choice, as this style of house does not require the use of any particular coating. This modern two-storey house with garage is suitable for a large family as well as for those who often entertain.

Arrangement of rooms in the house (modern double storey house with a garage)

The first floor of the house is represented by a spacious living room combined with the kitchen, which are separated only visually by a bar counter. An open staircase to the second floor gives volume to the living room. There is also an exit to the covered terrace, where you can spend time in good company in any weather. A small vestibule houses a closet and cuts off the cold air of frosty winter or hot summer. A spacious garage for one car with a small technical room that can serve the owners various purposes, from a furnace room to a laundry room or a mini workshop.

On the second floor there are three spacious bedrooms and a large bathroom. From the master bedroom there is an exit to the balcony, which can also be a winter garden if glazed. In the bathroom there is enough space for a double sink, a corner bath with a toilet and bidet nearby, and a washing machine and dryer on top of each other. The second bedroom also has access to its own small balcony. In general, this plan of dauhstorey house with its shape in the plan is used rationally, spending the minimum possible area for the passing rooms and places.



What's included?

All plans are at a scale of 1:50 or ¼”=1′-0″ or larger, such as architectural nodes.

The following pages are included:

  • A site plan showing where the house will be located on the property (developed even before the selected project is paid for).
  • Floor plan(s) showing the arrangement of furniture and other appliances shown on the website, as well as a description of the rooms.
  • Floor plan(s), detailed plans with all necessary axis dimensions (as determined by your builder), rooms, window and door openings, floor marks, vent and chimney locations.
  • Roof plan(s) with roof pitch marks and dimensions of all roof ribs.
  • Cross Sections: Vertical view of the house from foundation to roof, showing floor and roof markings. Floor elevations and other dimensions. Stair section, if any, is required.
  • Exterior Views: Drawing showing all four sides with dimensions and elevations.
  • Cross section: Vertical section through groups of ducts and chimneys.
  • Elements for filling door and window openings.
  • 3D views presented on the website.

You may also need beams designed for roof loads, foundations based on an analysis of the soil conditions on the site specific to your region. Your home builder can usually help you with this.

Stock plans do not come with a professional stamp. If your building department requires one, they will only accept a stamp from a professional licensed in the state where you plan to build. In this case, you will need to take your home plans to a local engineer or architect to have them reviewed and stamped.


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